Health, safety and environment

Policy statement


We believe that the health, safety of company employees, contractors and public and environmental protection during planning, design, manufacture, construction and working in the region are vital;

We are committed to protect people's life and property safety;

We are committed to protect the natural environment and social environment critical for human survival;

We will make every endeavor to eliminate the foreseeable dangers via strengthening the safety measures during design, manufacture, construction and working;

We will make every endeavor to guarantee that no personnel injury and property damage will happen during all the work activities;

We will make every endeavor to fully consider any environmental impact happened due to our own behavior or that may happen in the future, to eliminate the adverse impact and bring benefits to the society;

We will make every endeavor to implement management provisions to avoid events detrimental to environment and to reduce our influence on the environment.


Environmental protection principles


We will try our best to protect the environment during all our behaviors;

We will consider the potential impact of all project activities on the environment, and integrate protection policy with plan development strategy to reduce the impact of our own behavior on natural environment and social environment;

We will provide relevant information of the legal entity policy and behavior to the public and government, at the same time, and give timely and prompt response to the company concerned issues;

We will abide by the laws and regulations as well as industry provisions;

We will prohibit, reduce and control emissions of solid, liquid or gas, and include this as an important part of our environmental management plan;

For the impact on the environment, we should process it timely and effectively;

Through advanced planning and prompt and efficient response, we will take measures to alleviate consequence caused by emergency;

We will encourage and support the relevant method and practice aimed to improve environmental protection.


Safety principle


We have responsibilities to protect the company staff from body and health damage;

As the owner or general contractor, we need to coordinate and supervise all behaviors at site, including contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers. Although these parties have the responsibilities to ensure the safety of their staff, but we must realize their key functions in improving staff environment health, safety and the decisive influence on environmental conditions;

The security of all staff is the same, whether the staff is from the contractor, sub-contractor, and supplier or on behalf of China Oil HBP;

When selecting contractor, we must consider whether they can perform reliable safety measures;

Together we will work along with our counterparts to continuously improve the method and practice for safety performance of all behaviors.


Emergency response principles


If we have liability to response according to laws, we will make prompt response in accordance with the emergency response plan of our company;

If we don't have liability to respond in accordance with the provisions of the law, before other relevant departments come, we will make response to control the emergent situation, and reduce the harm to the public;

If we have nothing to do with the emergency according to the law, we will make no-damage response in accordance with government, public or industry requirements;

For all the emergencies, we will make internal and external report according to the program and relevant laws.


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